Keurig K45 Keurig Elite Coffee Maker Review

You are looking for reliable keurig coffee maker reviews before coming to invest in certain keurig models? So you are in right place, my honest keurig k45 review will provide you with the most reliable knowledge ever in the field. Keep reading so that you will have correct decision Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System Black […]

Keurig Vue review: V500 vs V600 vs V700 vs V1200

Keurig Vue Coffee maker is now one of the fastest developed brands in the field. It comes with various models meeting demands of even the most difficult-to-satisfy users. It claims to never let your brewing process discontinued. And among outstanding products by Vue, the four most potential ones are V500, V600, V700, V1200 and it […]

Keurig K10(B10/B31) Mini Plus Brewing System Review

Keurig K10 mini plus (B10/B31) is a compact single coffee maker for using at home. It offers 3 different choices, including 6 oz, 8 oz or 10 oz ounces of coffee each cup. Keurig mini plus is designed with better K-cups, rather than ground coffee, making it much easier for you to install, clean, maintain […]