Coffee Maker Troubleshooting


Your coffee maker can suddenly stop working due to some different reasons. But for the most part, it is because of the mineral build up which cause your machine to have problems. These can change your coffee’s taste and gradually damage your machine. SO getting to know the problem before it gets out of hand will save you money to invest in a brand new machine. And here are some tips and hints to help you recognize as well as deal with your coffee maker’s problems.

1.     What are the symptoms?

If you find the water not properly flowing into your pot, then there could be some issues which are common to a coffee maker. But please feel safe that no matter what the problem is, it can be easily fixed.

2.     What to check?

There are some different things that need to be checked when your water is not appropriately flowing in your coffee maker. And the most common issue maybe that the tube in the coffee pot is clogged, causing liquid not to easily flow through.

It could be due to the issue that your timer or even the thermostat be broken or bad. And in case none of these possibilities seem to be the matter, you should check the pump valve. The issue that water is not flowing through could be the symptom of the problems with your pump valve: it maybe get stuck or broken. And the last thing to check when you coffee pot doesn’t allow water circulation is to check the heater in your coffee pot since it could be broken.

3.     What to note?

Once you try to understand the matters and solve on your own, you should pay attention to some precautions.

First of all, when it comes to opening up your machine and poking around, make sure that it is totally unplugged.

  • In case your coffee is not warm after having been brewed, it’s time you took a look at the element and the switch of warm keeping. Check whether or not the auto shut off switch is correct position.
  • In case your machine seems to be leaking or steaming way more than it should, it’s time you considered the tubing in your coffee maker. You can easily solve it by properly installing it into your coffee pot.
  • In case the coffee is not in strong taste as it used to and seems to get weaker and weaker, it is possible that there is a problem with the plate which make all of the water spread out right above your basket. In this case, check whether it is clogged, cracked or even broken completely.

4.     How to prevent?

Ok, knowing how to deal with issues is good, but it is much better if you know way to prevent the issues from happening. So one of the most simple and effective ways to keep your coffee maker working well is to clean it regularly. And a very easy way to keep it clean is to flush it out with vinegar. This claims to clean your item out thoroughly and eliminate any clogs.


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