How To Clean And Maintain A Keurig Coffee Maker?



To Clean Keurig is simple but plays an important role in protecting and keeping your keurig coffee maker long lasting and in good condition. There are several ways to conduct this process. The first one is general cleaning which makes uses of soap and dish for cleaning. For the best result, you need to do this process regularly. The other way is to make use of vinegar. And you should perform it two to four times every year, depending on your frequency of using the machine. It is said to be ideal if you want to keep your coffee delicious.

Ok, so what exactly these two methods are? How to apply them with your best keurig? Let’s consider the following information for details.

How to Clean keurig?

Method 1: General Cleaning

Ok, this method should be done as the procedure below:

Take out the brewer. Remove the brewer’s cover by lifting the handle and taking out the internal K-Cup holder.

In order to remove the K-Cup holder, grasp the top of the holder with one hand. Then push up on the bottom of the K-cup gathering from below, using the other hand. The gathering should be done gradually.

Please be careful when detaching the K-Cup holder because there are two sharp needles inside which may hurt you when you remove the gathering haphazardly.

The remaining pieces should be removed relative ease. Lightly pull on the funnel as soon as it detaches from the K-Cup holder. Then detach the drip tray, just by pulling it away from the base of the item.

In the next step, clean the K-cup containers, funnel, drip plate as well as drip tray. You can use your dishwasher since these parts are all safe with dishwasher. After cleaning them, put them at the rack of the dishwasher and have the machine worked on the standard wash setting.

You can also clean your K-cup with your hand. To do this, just clean it under warm to hot water. In this case, you don’t need to add scrubbing or detergent, however, do it with carefully or you will get stabbed by the sharp needles insider the container.

And if you want, you can also clean the funnel, drip plate and drip tray by your hand. Just submerge these elements with hot soapy water, and gently scrub it with soft cloth. Try to rinse carefully to take out all soap residues.

After cleaning all necessary parts, it’s time to dry them all. You can choose to put them under air hours for drying or dry it by yourself with clean dish towel.

Clean the current needle. Ok, exit three-hole- needles are available in both inside the bottom and upper portions of K-Cup container. Eliminate every debris out of these holes by placing a paper clip into each one and dealing with the inside space.

Clean the water holder and detachable lid. Note that these parts are unsafe when getting washed with dishwasher, so you need to wash it on your own hand, using clean and soft cloth. Don’t use cleansers or detergents with these parts since chemicals near water container can make your water resource polluted in near future.

Wipe the external parts of the item out. Use clean and soft cloth to eliminate every water stains and dried coffee grounds on the brewer.

If you want, you can use a soap cloth for more throughout cleaning. But please remember to rinse the soap residue out of the item before cleaning it with damp and soft cloth.

Ok, after Cleaning keurig like this, it’s time to reassemble the item. First, snap the funnel back onto the K-Cup and place the K-cup back into the device. Following signals on the parts for correct assembling.

Method 2: Vinegar Soak

This way to Clean keurig involve some steps as follow:

Have a vinegar rinse to run throughout the device. Add undiluted vinegar in the water holder. Shake the vinegar through the device. This process can be known as descaling and should be performed each three or 6 months. It allows removing excess grime sticking insider the brewer. If you make no effect, this grime is likely to damage the machine’s capacity to heat up and work properly.

After this process, put a ceramic mug on the drip try to treat the vinegar which brews though the machine. One thing to remember in this step is not to use any K-cup while performing the vinegar rinse.

If you are using mini models, add 10 oz (or 300 ml) of undiluted white vinegar water in the water holder. Wait about 5 minutes, then lower the brewer handles, and push the brew button. The button will turn red and start brewing the vinegar through the machine.

In case you are using a standard-size model, add 48 oz (or 1500 ml) into the water holder, then press brew button. Let the contents be brewed into the mug below.

Remove the warm and dispensed vinegar by dumping it down the sink.

Conduct the second vinegar rinse. Yeah, just repeat the first vinegar rinse, but let the vinegar available for certain period of time so that the device will be descaled completely.

Put the same ceramic mug which was used during the first vinegar rinse on the drip tray. And don’t use a K-cup during the process.

If you are using a min models, add 10 oz (300 ml) of white vinegar into the water container then lower the brewer handle for 5 seconds. Press “brew” button, and power the device down as long as it begins dispensing the vinegar. Let the remaining vinegar in the brewer about 30 minutes then press brew button to complete the brewing cycle. Pour the hot and dispensed vinegar water to remove it.

In case you are using a standard-size model, pour 48 oz (1500 ml) of vinegar in the water container then press brew button as usual. Once it is informed that the water is added, pause the procedure and let the vinegar in the brewer for 4 hours and keep the device on. Finally, dump the remaining vinegar.

Continue the process to Clean keurig with fresh water rinse. Use clean water during brewing cycle to take out every vinegar residue.

Put a ceramic mug in the drip tray to catch every dispensed water.

Don’t add any K-cup to the device.

Pour the waiter container with fresh, cold water. If you are using a mini model, add 10 oz (300ml) of water. If you are using a standard-size model, add 48 oz (1500 ml) of water.

Press the brew button and continue brew cycle as usual. Remove hot brewed water by pouring it down the sink.

Repeat the process with cold water three or more times to remove every remaining vinegar taste.

Ok, these two methods are applicable for a range of keurig machine, including noth Keurig 2.0 and Keurig k45

Some tips for better cleaning keurig coffee maker

Make use of distilled water to Clean keurig whenever it is possible. Tap water includes minerals which form over time. If you keep using hard tap water, you will have to clean and maintain your keurig coffee maker more regular.

Have the machine work by running a cleansing brew of water through your brewer after making a sticky drink. This will further clean your device, avoid an additional amount of sticky sugar crystals.

Final Words

OK, here are two popular and effective ways to clean a keurig coffee maker, which have been proven by the producers and thought the real user’s review. Are you clear about them? And which one is more suitable for you? Let’s consider and follow one of them, you will have clean machine which serves you for a long time.


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