How to Drink Coffee Properly

Coffee: the delicious way the majority of people start their day.  While many opt to stop at popular coffee shops, most people find making it from the comfort of their own homes more satisfying.  There are three roads that can lead to the grand finale of making a cup of coffee.  Just as people choose different ways to travel across a country, they all have similarities and can reach the same destination.

The first mode of transportation is the most used: by car.  This popular way of making coffee is just as easy and convenient: hot water, coffee, sugar and milk.  Just as some tend to make sure their vehicles have water, oil and gas by doing a quick morning check, a cup of coffee is prepared rapidly, stirred quickly and leads to a caffeinated trip to start the journey of the day.

The second mode of transportation by coffee is similar to riding on a train.  Have you ever ridden on one?  Not having to worry about lights and stop signs yet still being able to relax and have a long trip is wonderfully invigorating and inspiring.  By having the extra time to concentrate on the task at hand, you can make your coffee as diligently and leisurely as you like.  Carefully pour some milk into the cup.  Follow this with the coffee and then the one (or two) spoons of sugar you like. Carefully pour half of the hot water in while stirring all the ingredients together.  Then, consider yourself at a train station for a few moments with passengers getting on and/or off.  Pour the rest of the water in then wait approximately 35 seconds.  The train is ready to go.  The coffee…is ready to drink.

The third mode of transportation by coffee is my favorite.  Consider the flight of an airplane.  Quickly pour the water into your cup, then the coffee and the sugar.  Stir the mixture robustly and then give it a happy ending with a splash of milk.  Consider it like a plane allowing you to get to your destination faster and leaving you with more time to enjoy the sights.  Sitting on the porch in the morning or drinking it on the way to work, thinking about the dreams you have in life.  Coffee is inspiring, and all three of these methods of making instant coffee can wake up creativity, the brain and yes, the energy to get things accomplished.

The destination has been reached.  Was it a safe trip?  Some believe that coffee is not good for you as it can lead to health problems, addiction and if you are female and pregnant, could potentially hurt your unborn child.  When it comes to pregnancy, it is normal to feel this way about just about everything short of fresh vegetables and fruit.  Overall, however, we are celebrating the news that what we have been told for so long has been found through scientific research to show that coffee can actually be good for you and can definitely be part of a healthy lifestyle.

How is this possible?  Coffees such as Flavia and Lavazza and others can lead to energy that gets people out there and exercising.  It leads to brain function that can make you more alert to situations, wakes up the creative creature within for those such as writers, artists, marketers, architects and more.  This makes it understandable then that drinking coffee is linked to being able to fight off dementia as well as diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems and Parkinson’s.

Robert Frost has a prophetic and heartfelt poem known worldwide called The Road Not Taken.  Some think he is writing about regret.  He isn’t.  He is writing about taking a chance on something he feels within himself: inspiration.  Many people have dreams and yet never take the time to follow them.  Pick up that cup of coffee and see where it leads you.  Make it your way and see how much more you enjoy it.  The taste, the aroma, the benefits of the brand of coffee you choose to drink can lead to some of the most fulfilling days as you find yourself completing a work project on time, writing that next chapter, finishing your college thesis, whatever point in life you are at, the energy within stayed lit by the coffee you drank.

The three methods or “modes” of transportation by coffee mentioned above are all tasteful and relevant to those who enjoy coffee.  Whether it be Flavia or Lavazza or another brand, the coffee you drink can be just as tasteful as it is motivating.  Whichever “road” you take, you will enjoy the taste, feel and aroma of what it brings to you.  As you ponder the journey you find yourself on, each sip from that cup will awaken another hour of beautiful treasures to be found within.  Now, excuse me for a bit if you do not mind.  I have to go spend some time with my own “morning love” in my favorite cup as well.  Coffee anyone?

Before getting to know the upgrade of coffee that is good for anyone, one can ask him/herself the question, is coffee good or bad for me? The question, of course, begs to be answered. That in truth depends on many things. First off, we are straight up talking about black coffee. Not the chemically loaded, sugar laden, pesticide party, cream topped, Frappuccino that has 6 vanilla syrup pumps, now that type of coffee.

One of the most basic aspects of drinking coffee is the type of cup that you are using.  At times, we are forced to take coffee out of the sippy adult cup. Who would like to be touching their lips when drinking coffee? All shops of coffee need to have the choice of cups that are non-disposable for the drinkers who are in-shop. It will be okay to bear a cup that is sippy if one cannot drink while still at the shop, but it will be totally disgusting to use one of the cups while inside the shop. So why not take time and make some good coffee for yourself?


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