How To Drink Sparkling Water with Espresso

Coffee is a beverage often regarded as a tasty drink. The main attraction of the coffee that made it renowned all over the world is that it does not only contain caffeine, but also come in a great variety of flavors. A great number of people from around the world have gradually developed a taste for the coffee. Various flavors of the coffee are liked by the people but espresso has gained the greatest popularity among the masses. The popularity of espresso can be measured from the fact that most of the parlors that serve coffee are named under espresso.

The beauty of the coffee lies in the serving. Having a rich history, it has been served with a number of things over the years and the serving of espresso has evolved a great deal. People enjoy the serving of espresso with sparkling water the most. Most of the parlors nowadays do serve espresso with the sparkling water as it is really liked by the masses all around. There are a number of reasons to serve espresso with sparkling water. We will have a closer look at some of them in the following paragraphs of this write-up.

Ensuring The Taste With A Fine Blend


Although the recipe to make coffee is quite similar in most of the parlors serving it, but in order to ensure the taste of a really fine blend, you need to manage the recipe in a way that an impressive mix is achieved. A detailed look at the recipe is contained in the following points. You just need to follow these steps in order to ensure a great taste:

  • Once you hold back the milk foam with the help of a large spoon, pour warm milk to the extent of your liking in the espresso;
  • After the liked percentage of warm milk is poured into the espresso, you need to spoon as much milk foam into it as you like;
  • Once the perfect mixture is achieved, you just need to do a weeny bit of garnishing in order to make the presentation of the espresso lovely. This is done with the help of a little cocoa powder or nutmeg on top of the milk foam.

Doing the steps mentioned above, a perfect mix can be achieved and your espresso is ready to be served.

Step-Wise Instructions to Make Espresso


In order to serve espresso with a really lovely presentation, you need to follow certain steps so that you may enjoy the experience of having a fine espresso. This paragraph will contain the instructions along with the pictorial representation in order to give you a clear idea of the making and serving of espresso in a fine manner.

The purpose to serve espresso with sparkling water is to provide the individual tasting it the opportunity to cleanse the palate with the help of the sparkling water. A sip of the water cleanses it and makes you ready to have the first sip of the espresso. Now, if any drink is taken into consideration, the mood of the individual drinking it is set by the first sip of that drink. The first sip actually determines the taste of the drink and is a measure of its quality.

So here is a detailed account on the making of espresso. Before starting the making process, I gather it is necessary to mention the ingredients required to make an espresso of fine quality.


  • The required ingredients in order to make a cup of fine espresso are as follows:
  • Milk
  • Espresso beans


This paragraph will include a detailed account on the method to make a fine cup of coffee. The step wise instructions in order to achieve that are mentioned below.

 1. Steam Your Milk

A 12 oz. pitcher is used in order to take the required amount of milk in order to be steamed and move to the next step. In order for the process of steaming to be impressive, the pitcher does not need to be filled completely. Once the pitcher is filled to a certain level, you can move to the next step.

2. Put the Nozzle of the Tip On the Surface of The Milk

This step needs to be followed in order to achieve the perfect mix. It includes a swirling action from the maker in order to get a fine mix of the foam and the milk.

3.  Achieve The Right Temperature

In this step, you need to make sure that you do not exceed 160 degrees while providing a little bit of warmth in order to make a hot espresso.

4. The Double Espresso Shot

In order to judge the talent of a barista, his ability to make the shot while pouring the milk is measure. If your machine does not allow you to do this, keep the mug swirling so that you get a perfect shot of the espresso. A good shot is around 21-23 seconds according to the experienced coffee makers.

5. Swirling the Pitcher

The perfection of the mix is measured by the thickness of the foam at the top of the espresso. If it is not thick enough, you need to swirl the pitcher once more in order to achieve a fine mix.

6. Being Cool While Pouring Espresso

Lastly, you need to make sure that the coffee is poured in a way that would make the presentation beautiful. You need to be as cool as you can while pouring espresso from the pitcher into the cup so that the foam is gathered around the center of the cup which will ensure a beautiful presentation.


The making of espresso does not vary a great deal in the different areas where it is liked pretty much. The main difference that is the real deal of ensuring an outstanding taste is the timing of the steps followed to make it. I hope that you did enjoy my little tutorial about the making of the coffee and it proved to be helpful to learn making a fabulous coffee.


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