How To Use Keurig Coffee Maker Properly?

Introduction to keurig coffee maker

how-to-use-a-keurigKeurig coffee maker is an amazing beverage brewing system supposed to serve for both home and commercial use. It is developed by a reputed American company named Keurig Green Mountain which deals with various products of the field, of which the main products are K-Cup pods (a single-serve coffee container), beverage pods as well as the proprietary devices which help to make the beverages with these pods. Since its first launching, it has been recognized as Best keurig coffee maker in the field.

This potential system allows you to produce various products, including hot and cold coffees, cider, dairy-based beverages, teas, cocoas, lemonades, and fruit-based drinks.

In term of design, the system include a used K-Cup pod, with the top foil and the removable used coffee grounds, and revealing the filter

Keurig models are so various, and up to now, it includes:

In addition, Keurig introduces some commercial brewing items, specifically for offices using, and some other organization, such as hotel, hospital, college…and up to now, these models are:

  • K10 – dorm-room maker
  • K130 – in-room maker for hotels
  • K145 OfficePRO – small-business maker
  • K155 OfficePRO Premier Brewing System – small-business making system with some additional features
  • K140 – small office maker
  • K150 – larger office maker
  • K3000SE – high-capacity maker
  • Bolt Z6000 – full-pot office maker that allows you to make a 64-ounce pot quickly

How to use Keurig properly?

In spite of various brands and models like this, the use of these Best keurig coffee makers is so simple and almost similar.

First of all, to before have it worked, you need to prepare several things, including:

  • Coffee mug
  • Water
  • Keurig K-Cup (or well-matched individual plastic cup which is available with coffee grounds)
  • Refillable K-Cup (not obligatory)Coffee in a Flash

And here is the step to run the item:

  • Connect the device with the power resource. Although Keurig is able to work fast, it needs some moments to heat the water.
  • Pour proper amount of water into the reservoir. Keurig machine is able to hold enough water for some cups of coffee at once. Some item even have containers which lift away from the machine; however, there are some others which require you to fill water into a fixed reservoir. The reservoir lid is on the top left of the device. Then you should lift it up then fill it with water. There may be a buzzing noise during the workout, which is the time when the machine takes in water to heat.
  • Select your coffee. A lot of machines introduce a collection of K-Cups, which are single plastic cups offering you not only coffee but also a filter. So let’s select the one you like, but do not take out the foil lid.
  • Add the K-Cup. There is a handle right above the Keurig logo, at the center of the device, so let’s lift it softly to unlock the coffee chamber and set the circle-shaped hole. Put the cup into the hole and close the lid, using the handle. It’s time to pay attention to the machine’s display. Please wait until it shows the line “Ready to Brew.”
  • Prepare your mug, making sure that it is ready for the workout. Put the mug on the tray at both the bottom and the machine’s center. Make sure that your mug is well-matched with the item that you’re using. In general, you may want a mug that is able to store 10 ounces or more and match with the tray.
  • Select your desire mug size. There is some machine which offers this option, if so, choose the Brew button. Many of other Keurigs are designed to fill cups of changeable sizes. There will be some bottoms marked with the picture of a cup of tea under the display. If you have never experienced a Keurig before, it is recommended to choose the smallest in order that the cup does not overflow.
  • Yeah, after such steps, it’s time to press starting buttom and wait some minutes to enjoy nice coffee.

Tips & Warnings

Beside following the suggested steps above, you need to pay attention to some tips and warnings in order to have the machine always worked fine.

Yeah, there is a common complaint about these Best keurig coffee maker is that they are extravagant. The K-Cups are made of plastic, and many users throw them away after using. So now they offer a filter with two key benefits: It is refillable and reusable, and it is compatible with every kind of ground coffee. You want to experience it rather than the disposable cups, right?

Bottom Line

Ok, above is the most basic information when it comes to How to use keurig coffee maker properly. Are you clear about them all? And are they reliable enough? Yeah, they are all proven knowledge suggested by the producer and reviews of real users. So I think there is no reason to suspect them. What I want to recommend you now is to consider and follow them carefully so that you will have it work fine.


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