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Many of us have habit of enjoying cups of coffee through the day for staying awake. So what is secret to have great coffee within days quickly and easily in such a busy day? Yes, the appearance of a famous coffee maker brand named Keurig Commercial has been giving answer to this question. Keep reading my honest review to learn more about these amazing coffee makers and decide which one is best for you.

To give you the clearest picture, I’m going to organize my keurig reviews in several parts as follow:

1.     Overview of Keurig Commercial coffer makers

2.     Amazing Truths

  • The Claim
  • The Hype
  • The Cost
  • The Commitment
  • Evaluation

3.     Comparisons among K130, K140 and K150 Models

– Product’s description

– What Are The Key Features?

– What Are The Pros?

– What Are The Cons?

– Product’s Description

– What Are The Key Features?

– What Are The Pros?

– What Are The Cons?

– Product’s Description

– What Are The Pros?

– What Are The Cons?

Ok, let’s discover them all in details now!

Overview of Keurig Commercial coffer makers

There are now a range of keurig commercial coffee maker brands on the market. A lot of users who have really checked Keurig home coffee makers share that they now can perk perfect cup of coffee conveniently from the enormous collection of pods. So what are amazing things around these powerful coffee makers?

Amazing Truths

The Claim

As we are discovering the whole line of coffee makers, we should consider the claims that the Company makes about their products in general. These brands are able to make single cup coffee that any of coffee lovers enjoy due to the freshness and various choice of blends. And the company guarantees that they are the leaders in single cup brew systems in North America. And they promise that thier systems will deliver the most ideal single cup coffee ever.

The Hype

Users often offer various demands on the perfect cup of java. They want an amazing aroma, to be fresh and to be able to gain the taste of the selected blend. They want it to be delivered hot while retaining its qualities. Amazingly, all of these demands have been met in each Keurig Commercial Coffee Machines.

The Cost

The cost of Keurig Coffee Makers is various, basing on the model and the place where you purchase it.

The Commitment

One of the mót amazing things when it comes to commercial Keurig line is that it takes the least time to make a large amount of coffee at the same time. So you never have to worry about assigen an employee to make sure that there enough cups of coffee brewing for every staff. It’s possible for a worker to make their own hot cup quickly and easily. however, it always require one staff to take responsibility of cleaning the machine as well as disposing of the pods every day, and making sure that there is lots of coffee on hand so they will need to do the ordering.


There are lots of convinced reasons to encourage business of all size to try Keurig Coffee Machines. It is informed by staffs from a lot of company that they are really satisfactory with the high-quality product that keurig offers them at their break. It saves them money because they often have to throw coffee away because it is in the pot too long. In addition, it saves time since it doesn’t require staff to stand around in the coffee room, waiting for a complete pot of coffee to brew.

Comparisons among Keurig K130, K140 and K150 Models

Keurig Deskpro K130 Review

Product’s Description

The Keurig deskpro k130 was first known as B130.  It is said to be an ideal choice for brewing  single cup of coffee. And rather than make coffee, it allows you to brew tea, hot cocoa and some other iced beverages as well. It claims to take you less than three minutes to complete brewing a nice cup of coffee. In term of design, this amazing system comes with an auto-off which performs after each brew. In addition, a single-cup reservoir allows you to simply pour fresh water into. And all of what you need to do then is to select one of the many K-cups which are available, brew and you enjoy.

What Are The Key Features?

Ok, so are you wondering why to pick up Keurig K130? Let’s see the great features inside it below:

First of all, it doesn’t take you much time to complete each brewing cycle. In general, it takes you around three minutes to brew every kind of drinks, from coffee of course, ice beverage, or even hot chocolate. In addition, the reheating process is speedy, with just between 15 and 20 seconds.

The magic machine is designed with Auto Off function, which helps to save energy so you don’t have to worry about forgetting shutting down time.

Beside, with just 7.2 pounds in weight, it doesn’t cost you too much effort to move it to other place. And the modest dimension of 10 x 7 x 11 inches, it doesn’t occupy much space in your house. Moreover, brewing volume of one cup with the size of 8 oz is suitable for single drink.

Last but not least, Keurig deskpro k130 is extremely to run this coffeemaker, even for beginners. The Pictorial instructions will lead you to make coffee step by step. Ok, to start, you need to add some fresh water into the single-use container then choose your desired K-Cup. After your press the button down, the device will automatically brew by itself. All of what you need to do then is to wait and enjoy your nice coffee. One more amazing thing is that the device includes a mug sensor, which promises to help you avoid spillage sometimes.

What Are The Pros?

Some of highlight pros coming with this powerful Keurig Commercial include:

• It is friendly to user with the instructions printed directly on the device
• It is designed in compact size, making it easier for you to store it
• It saves your time, with no more than three minutes, you can brew a nice cup of coffee.
• It allows you to brew various coffee kinds, from regular one to K-Cups
• It is beautifully designed
• It is worth your money
• And much more

What Are The Cons?

Two cons that users complain about Keurig K130 are:

• It is only available for commercial use
• The water reservoir is quite small

Keurig K140 Model Review

Product’s description

The amazing keurig k140 Brewer is designed with an easy-to-refill facility. It is able to perform almost anywhere and said to be incredibly simple and reliable. It offers options of up to more than 20 different kinds of gourmet coffees, teas, as well as specialty beverages. Whoever you are now, you can brew the beverage you love.

What Are The Key Features?

This magic Brewing System is an ideal choice for small businesses, offices, meeting rooms and waiting areas as well.  When you want to impress your guests, or the work forces want nice hot beverage, the Keurig K140 will make all of you satisfied, even in good style and sleek look.

It comes with 20 different choices of K-Cup Pod drinks for you to choose from. Each of them has the finest materials and ground which are all measured and sealed in separated airtight packs, which promises to offer quality and freshness time and time again. The awesome tasting beverages are available in three different sizes, they are 6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz. with less clean-up and mess in comparison with other brands.

With shiny and stylish design, the Keurig K140 is sure to impress even the most difficult-to-treat user. It is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require much maintenance. To have it worked, what you need to do is to pour your desired K-Cup Pod, select your drink size and press the flashing brew button. And within just 40 seconds, you’ll have a tasty hot beverage, which is excellent to raise employee morale as well as impress clients and customers.

What Are The Pros?

Some of the remarkable pros coming with keurig k140 include:

• It is a perfect choice for offices of 15 or less, conference rooms or the boardroom.

• It takes you little time to heat and brew coffee, yeah, within less than one minute and with a simple touch of a button, then you can brew one cup at a time

• It meets demands of several different users. There are 3 different cup sizes, 6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz., for you to choose.

• It saves your energy for being installed with auto off, which automatically turns the brewer off in two hours.

• It is easy to clean as it has a removable drip tray, a manual pour-over water fill and removable water tank as well

• And much more

What Are The Cons?

The only cons that users complain about this product is that it is able to serve small number of people

Keurig K150 Model Review

Product’s Description

This powerful keurig k150 brewing system claims to help you brew nice cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced drink within no more one minute, just by pressing a button. And because of its ease of use and convenience like this, it allows you to brew anything you love in your office. In term of design, this fully programmable coffee maker is designed with an interactive touch screen, so you yourself can adjust the brewing temperature, Auto On/Off as well as chose your favorite languages to English, Spanish or French.  In addition, it offers a choice of five different cup sizes, meeting your demand on the amount of content; includes a removable drip tray for travel mug accommodation and a drainable internal hot water tank for movement and storage.

What Are The Pros?

The pros you are about to enjoy with this awesome keurig k150 are so various, but to the extent of this review, I’d like to name some of the remarkable ones as follow:

• Keurig k150 is able to satisfy requirements of various users with 5 different cup sizes. They are 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz. and 12 oz.

• It doesn’t make much noise when running for getting designed with quiet brew technology®

• It is energy saving for it includes Auto On/Off mode

• The direct-water-line plumbing is compatible with optional accessory

• And much more

What Are The Cons?

The keurig k150 brewing system is only available through a Keurig Authorized Distributor.

Final Words

Ok, have you read through my reviews? Are you clear about out three amazing Keurig Commercials, Models K130/K140/K150? Have you got to know which one is the best for you? Yeah, each of them has its own special features, pros and cons, but they are all high quality products which have been highly appreciated and as good as the two famous machines of the field, keurig 2.0, keurig  k45. So no matter what you are going to invest, it is worth your money. And the last thing I want to notice you is that you should consider your own needs as well as keurig reviews of each item above to make the right choice so that you can ring a really satisfactory coffee maker.


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