Keurig K10(B10/B31) Mini Plus Brewing System Review



Keurig K10 mini plus (B10/B31) is a compact single coffee maker for using at home. It offers 3 different choices, including 6 oz, 8 oz or 10 oz ounces of coffee each cup.

Keurig mini plus is designed with better K-cups, rather than ground coffee, making it much easier for you to install, clean, maintain as well as make coffee constantly. However, you can still make your preferable ground one, using K-cup reusable coffee filter. But it is not enclosed in the box.

And if you want your item to appear and perform at its bets, do cleaning regularly, both inside and outside of the item.

So are you ready to discover this powerful coffee maker more? Let’s take a closer look at the following parts!

Keurig mini plus description

Keurig has changed the name of B31 Mini Plus to K10 Mini plus, so they are actually the same. The third item, B30 Mini, is the other one which is a little bit more difficult to run. And it has been made any longer. And my honest review today adheres to Keurig K10 mini plus.

This is an awesome single coffee maker which gives you nice coffee within just two minute. It works when pressurized water is forced through pre-packaged K-cups, making it quicker to exact the flavors. Because the whole workout is done within the disposable K-Cup, this wonderful coffee maker is easy to set up and clean. And in case you want some ground coffee, the reusable filter (sold separately) will help you.

The single-use water container is large enough to keep 6,8, or 10 ounce cups of coffee or tea. And because it doesn’t hold hot water for quicker subsequent cup making, you will need to pour further water and start from scratch when you want a cup of coffee.

This amazing machine is also easy to use. It has LED lights to show you the setup steps and brewing cycler which are on. There is also a compartment at the back of the item to keep short power cord when it is not in use. It is compact and portable, making it an ideal choice for small spaces like home offices, apartments… last but not least, it comes with several color choices for you to choose.

Coffee making process

It is recommend that you should clean your new Keurig mini plus brewer before making the first cup of coffee, but leave the K-Cup and throw the final cup of hot water.

When it comes to making a cup of coffee, plug the machine into the power outlet, then press “power” button. Lift the lid of water container and add your desired amount of water, then close the lid. Elevate the handle to throw the brew basket. Water will then drain into the brewer.

At the same time, put a cup or a mug of suitable size on the drip tray. Place a K-cup, wait until the water stops draining, then lower the handles. This process takes around 5 seconds only.

Push “brew” button. It is in red when water is heating (around 2 minutes) and will change into solid read once the coffee starts to dispense.

Take out the used K-cup and turn the machine off once the brewing process finishes. You can also let the machine off automatically, normally after 90 seconds of inactivity. Repeat the whole process if you want to make subsequent cups. Make the drip tray empty when the read overflow indicator pops up.

What are the key features of Keurig K10 mini plus brewing system?


Some of remarkable features coming with this powerful product include:

  • It is a personal coffee maker
  • It gives 3 different choices of cup sizes, including, 6 oz., 8oz. and 10 ounces
  • There are up to 13 different colors for you to choose from
  • It includes a single-use water container
  • Energy saving mode is also included. In more details, it is able to shut off automatically after 90 seconds of in activity
  • The drip is removable with overfill indicator
  • The UL is for home using only
  • And much more

What is in the box?

The full box of this great Keurig mini plus brewer includes:

  1. The coffee maker
  2. Manuel for user
  3. Quick-start guide
  4. Small k-cup pack


The item measurements: 10.8’H*10.7D*6.9W

The total height when the water tank is open: 12.5’

Weight: 8.75 pounds

Cord: 15.5” long (without the plug itself) with a three-pronged plug.

Last but not least, the special machine includes a mug which is 4.5’ tall with the drip tray and 5.5’ without the drip tray.

UL rating

This wonderful Keurig mini plus brewer is especially designed for home using only. It is not suitable for office building and other commercial uses.

Power Usage

1,425 watts

Voltage is 120VAC/60 Hz

Keurig k10 mini plus is energy-saving in the way that it is able to automatically shut off after 90 seconds of inactivity, regardless of the process you are in.

Type of coffee used

More than 200 flavors of K.Cup coffee and a lot of other beverages are available for you to enjoy. Or if you want, you can use my K-Cup reusable filter to make your favorite ground coffee.

Type of coffee produced

K-cup offers a range of roasts, flavors and blends.

If you want to make heavy coffee, choose an additional bold K-cup and add small amount of water. The less water is used, the heavier the coffee is.

More than just coffee

This amazing coffee maker can also make hot water for tea brewing and some other uses. And K-cups are available for a lot of more hot beverages


This Keurig K10 mini plus brewing system doesn’t require any water filter. But if you want your favorite ground coffee, you can buy My K-cup filter separately.


You had better use filtered water or bottled water to make coffee with this machine for its durability and performance

Amount of coffee each serving

The Keurig mini plus brewer offers you three different choices for each serving. You can choose to have 6, 8 or 10 ounces of coffee for each. The smallest amount of 6 ounces of water is the best for the machine to work properly.

Take out the drip tray to make coffee into a taller mug. But remember that if there is no drip tray available to catch spills, please be careful otherwise you will over fill the machine. It currently comes with a much which is 4.5’ tall or less with the drip tray and up to 5.5’ tall without drip tray.


This magic product works through push-buttons. The LED lights show you which steps of setup as well as which brewing process you are making.

The Keurig mini plus may shut off automatically at any steps of making process if you let it inactive. So even when you wait too long to start the next brewing cycle, the item can also shut off. In this case, press “power” button to restart it. It you find the “brew” button flashing blue while the brewer is off, elevate and lower the handle to restart it.

What are the pros?

This wonderful Keurig K10 mini plus brewing system has been complimented in various sides. To the extent of this review, I’m going to point out some of the most significant ones. Keep reading for detailed information:

  • It is a solid and high-quality single coffee maker which is easy to use.
  • It is in small size, making it an ideal choice for small spaces, such as kitchens, home office and even taking on road.
  • It doesn’t make much mess and easy to keep clean.
  • Each cup of coffee comes with more than one flavors, just by using a different K-cup.
  • Rather than brew coffee, you can use it to make tea and other hot ad iced-beverages, which are in different flavors.
  • My K-cup reusable filter allows you to make your favorite ground coffee
  • You can choose among 6, 8 or 10 ounces of coffee or tea as your desire
  • It doesn’t require any special kind of water, but filter and bottled one is recommended and hard water should be discouraged
  • It saves energy for being able to shut off automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity
  • There are up to 13 different colors for you to choose from
  • And much more

What Are The Cons?

In spite of so many compliments above, there are still some complains around the Keurig mini plus.

  • It doesn’t have a container for hot water, so you need to heat the brewer and make each cup separately
  • It is not designed to include the height of standard travel mugs
  • It is for household use only.

Keurig mini plus cleaning and maintenance

After each brewing cycle, you need to clean the machine. OK, so take out the K-cup and clean the external parts of the machine, using soft damp cloth.

Empty the water remaining in the water container. Just by holding down the “brew” button until all water is thrown into a cup. And make sure that the water container lid is down first.

Check the drip tray regularly and clean with damp soft cloth. When the indicator is on, empty the drip tray and add content into a sink. Direct the tray toward you carefully then take it out. Don’t put it into dishwasher.

K-cup can be removed and washed with a low temperature cycle in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Wipe out the water container adjusting the water level guide and cleaning internal side with clean damp cloth.

Clean the item regularly, once every 3 to 6 months or more if you use hard water, following Keurig Descaling Solution or using white vinegar, all as instructions enclosed in the box.

In case Keurig mini plus doesn’t make a full cuos of coffee, clean the exit needle and the K-cup assembly, following decaling instructions.

In case there is no water coming out or these steps don’t make full cups, wipe out the entrance needle also. And finally, make sure that the three holes are ground-free.

After cleaning all necessary parts, keep the item in a dry place or the freezing condensation may destroy it.

Make sure that the hot water tank and water container are all free.

And it you keep the machine in a cool place, let it get used to with room temperature about two hours before turning it on. After that, conduct 3 cleansing brews without K-cups. Then use the machine.


This amazing machine offers a warranty of one year for defects in normal home use.

Customer Service

If you run into any problem during using process, please feel free to contact manufacturer. You can call them for help, send email at any time you want.

It offers free drip tray and K-cup container replacement, but what you need to do first is to call help line since they will introduce some other solutions for you to choose from. And remember that the warranty can become unvalued if you take out the machine and try to solve the problem by yourself.


This wonderful brewing system is reasonably-priced while offering amazing value for home using.

Final words

It is agreed by a number of users all over the world that Keurig K10 mini plus brewing system is an ideal choice for household use. Using it, you will have chance to enjoy valuable things, such as you don’t have to wait for each cup of water to heat, you will have nice cup of coffee within short time, or if you want, you can make your preferred ground coffee, using My K-cup filter….

And to have the machine to work at its best, remember to clean the needles regularly and learn to insert the k-cup properly.

In short, we highly appreciate the product’s footprint, portability, ease of use, various color choice and a range of coffee flavor as well. So are they enough for a best coffee maker? What more are you waiting for? Let’s make plan to ring it to your home as soon as possible.


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