Keurig K45 – Keurig Elite Coffee Maker Review

You are looking for reliable keurig coffee maker reviews before coming to invest in certain keurig models? So you are in right place, my honest keurig k45 review will provide you with the most reliable knowledge ever in the field. Keep reading so that you will have correct decision

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System Black Introduction


This is one of the most popular lower end items in the world of Keurig single cup coffee makers. It is also named the Keurig K45, B45, Keurig Elite B40, and K40. And the “B” and “K” here refer to allocation channels, rather than to differences between machines as many people think. And I am going to use all of these names interchangeably in this review.

The Keurig K45 Elite is designed in some different versions. And the biggest difference is that while the older Keurig B40/K40 includes two cup sizes, the K45/B45 comes with three cup sizes and the B45 offers 2 cup sizes. One more difference is that while some versions offer the optional water filters, others don’t – and if the filter is included, it is packed the box. For the most other parts, the three versions are similar.

One it heats up (it takes around 3 to 4 minutes), the Elite machine allows you to brew a cup of fresh hot coffee in as little as one minute. In addition, it introduces an Auto-Off option which allows you to have the machine to automatically turn off after maximum 2 houses of using, with simple setting. Or if you don’t want it to shut off, you can let it run, making individual cups of coffee or other drinks quickly.

Furthermore, the removable 48-ounce reservoir is large enough to hold up to three 10-ounce cups. If the water is remained, it will be stored inside the item. The keurig k45 elite will stop working once the indicator light of “Add Water” comes on, and it will resume when the tank has been full.

The Keurig B40/K45 is sometimes designed with charcoal water filters and a water filter assembly (check the box description to claim whether it is available). The producer’s objectives of adding these pars is to improve the coffee’s taste for it helps to remove unpleasant tastes, such as like sulpher and chlorine,  out of water, while doesn’t require you to descale the machine regularly.

Indicator lights are like a signal which you can follow to set the machine for brewing. They also signal you when the water runs out of  as well as when the the machine needs to be descaled .

This amazing product features Quiet Brew technology, making it much quieter compared to some other single cup coffee makers. More than that, it even makes no serious noise heating and dispensing water. Many users inform that they find it not loud enough to cause disruption.

The built-in drip tray is removable, allowing the Elite B40 to deal with every kind of mugs, from the taller to medium sized travel mugs.

All plastic elements which directly work with water are BPA, the K-Cups are also included.

Keurig coffer makers are designed to serve from 1-3 modest coffee drinkers. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker, or you often share the brewer with some other people, you should consider robust K145 or K155. They are heavy-use commercial machines which are modified for household use.

Ok, here is some basic information around the amazing single cup coffee makers of Keurig. Let’s continue my honest keurig k45 review with some more detailed and honest information.

What Are The Main Features?

Some of remarkable features coming with this powerful machine include:

  • It is a single-use personal coffee maker.
  • It is designed with Technology of K-Cup Brewing
  • It gives you chance to make choice between 2 or 3 cup sizes, depending on the model: 6 and 8 ounces or 8 and 10 ounces, or 6, 8 and 10 ounces
  • There are 4 options of colors for you to choose from: Black, Rhubarb, Patriot Blue and Coconut White
  • It comes with a 48-ounce water reservoir, allowing large amount of water
  • The water filter can be included, read box or product description to claim
  • It comes with a removable drip tray
  • It is designed with an Auto-Off option
  • It has a Quiet Brew Technology That’s all about the basic features. Let’s continue with the process of making coffee with the following parts.

What To Consider When It Comes To Keurig Product?

Coffee-Making Process

  • Ok, as any other device, before coming to make a cup of coffee, ensure that the coffee maker is connected to the power and the “Power” button light is on. If not, turn the device on and let it heat, which takes around 4 minutes.
  • Pour water in the water tank to the Max Fill line and keep it into place of the machine.
  • Put a cup or mug on the drip tray.
  • As long as the red “heating” light is off, pick the handle up in order that the K-Cup Pack Holder opens. Place a K-Cup into the container and make the handle as lower as possible to close the lid.
  • Select your desired brew size. After finishing the brewing, elevate the handle and remove the used K-Cup.

Note: if you have just brought a new Keurig Elite coffee machine, remember to clean it carefully before having it work. Just follow the instructions shown in the manual to brew a cup of coffee but leave out the K-Cup and remove the resulting cup of hot water.

Type of Coffee Used


The Keurig K45/B40 allows up to K-Cups. 250+ flavors of coffee and a lot of other drinks.

This great device does not work basing on the K-Cup lids, so it can make any K-Cup, no matter who produces it. This is an improvement compared with the Keurig 2.0 models which only works with Keurig brand K-Cups.

You may also make your preferred ground coffee, using the My K-Cup reusable filter, which is sold separately. There are some third party reusable filters which are well-matched with this device.

Type of Coffee Produced

This keurig k45 elite brewing system allows you to make coffee of a large range of flavors, including dark roast, light roast, flavored coffees and decaf as well. Some popular coffee brands are also accepted, such as Starbucks, Folgers. The flavor of espresso, latte and cappuccino are also available, but there is a little different compared with the traditional espresso.

K-Cups are supposed to serve single use. So make one cup only and toss it. However, you can also use the same K-Cup to make a second brewing, which will offer bigger cup of coffee than the one which is available from the built in cup sizes. But remember that the coffee of the second brewing won’t as good as that of the first brewing.

If you are a very heavy coffee drinker and you want to make the strongest coffee, select the 6-ounce cup size because the less water is, the stronger the coffee will be. You may also like an “extra bold” K-Cup, which includes 30% more ground coffee.

Tea, Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffee and More

K-Cups offer a wised range of flavors, such as popular teas, hot cider, so on. They also introduce “Brew Over Ice” K-cups, which is to iced coffees, teas and lemonade.

Although the Elite cannot cold brew, you yourself can make rewing into a cup of ice to make iced beverages. Pour a 16 oz. cup with ice and make 8 ounces of hot coffee or tea into it (a “Brew Over Ice” K-Cupis recommended). A 12 oz. cup can deal with 6 ounces of hot beverage (add half of the cup size’s volume with the hot beverage).

Remember that you can take out the drip tray to place a taller cup, or put the coffee or tea into a smaller cup and fill the hot beverage into a large cup which is filled with ice. In this case, don’t use a glass cup since it may crack or break.

Reusable Coffee Filters

As I mentioned above, the reusable filter can be available or not, checking through the product’s description. But if it is included, there is some knowledge you need to know.

Some items like the My K-Cup filter let you brew your preferred ground coffee in the machine. There are also some good third party filters available, like Ekobrew and Solofill. Some users share that they find a few grounds in their coffee when they use reusable filters. In this case, consider a reusable filter which can accept paper filter inserts .

Reusable filters are not expensive and are sold separately. Some users even buy some filters at once and use them once a week so they will never run out of filters and there is always one ready to go first thing on work mornings.

Water Filter

The products are often designed with a water filter. It’s not necessary, but you had better have on if your water has an “off” taste. The water filter has a charcoal to eliminate sulpher and other flavors, and finally give you the best tasting coffee.


Keurig machine recommends you to use room temperature bottled or filtered water, especially if your water flavors like chlorine or other undesirable substances. You hadn’t better use reverse osmosis and distilled water. You can also use water which is directly extracted from the tap, but keep away from softened or overly hard water since it is high in mineral content.

No matter what kind of water you use, “scale” can also be formed inside K45 model, especially if you’re using water high in calcium and other minerals. This formation can badly affect the performance of the machine, so plan to remove it regularly.

The Elite has  a “descaling needed” indicator light, but remember that it is set within a specific period of time and reveals nothing about how much buildup is being made in your machine. So you are recommended to descale every 3-6 months.

Water Temperature

Ok, there is one issue here is that you cannot adapt the water temperature with the Keurig B40 or K45 because it is fixed at192 degrees by Keurig. People assume that 192 degree is a proper level to produce the best tasting coffee as well as other hot beverages.

Amount of Coffee  For Each Serving

As I mentioned above, the keurig k45 elite brewing system introduces two options on cup size, 8 and 10 ounces or 6 and 8 ounces, the B45 offers 2 or 3 cup sizes (8 and 10 ounces, or 6, 8 and 10 ounces), and the K45 comes with options of three cup sizes: 6, 8 or 10 ounces of coffee every cup. To identify the number of cups exactly, read the product description or box of the device.

Keurig K45 Brewing Time

It takes the Keurig Elite coffee brewer between three and four minutes to gain brewing temperature as long as it is turned on. Then, it takes no more than one minute to make a fresh cup of coffee.

Auto Shutoff

If you choose the Auto Off option, the device will automatically turn itself off after about two hours since the last cup. In contrast, if you don’t, it will be on, hot and ready, until you turn it off or unplug it.

What Are The Pros?

There are hundreds keurig reviews dealing with pros when it comes to access with these amazing items, some of them include:

  • It is a solid and basic single cup coffee maker which is easy to run.
  • It is designed with K-Cups, so it is largely mess-free.
  • A cup of coffee comes with a different flavor, just by using a different K-Cup.
  • You can use it to make coffee and tea, and other hot and iced beverages of different flavors.
  • You can choose your favorite K-Cup reusable coffee filter separately to make your favorite ground coffee.
  • It comes with removable drip tray, so you can make use of some different travel mugs.
  • It doesn’t require special water. However , it would be better to use filtered or bottled water and avoid hard and reverse osmosis water.
  • It offers a water filter of some different models to change the taste of your water.
  • You can fill in the 48-ounce water tank at the sink.
  • Every plastic part is BPA free.
  • It allows you to make fresh hot coffee in as little as a minute.
  • The coffee is claimed to have good flavor.
  • There are up to four different colors for you to choose from.
  • It doesn’t make much noise when running
  • And much more.

What Are The Cons?

Nothing is perfect. So beside a lot of pros above, these keurig k45 elites include some cons as follow:

  • It is able to produce a limited amount of coffee every brewing
  • It comes with larger cup sizes, which means that there will be more water and weaker coffee is produced.
  • It requires you to clean both exterior and internal parts regularly to have the item perform well.

Final Words

Ok, so after such long and helpful information in this keurig k45 review above, what are you thinking about keurig models? Are they great and worth investing? Personally, I find them the best coffee maker ever. They come with so many improvements that have never found in other versions. So if you are planning to equip a coffee maker, I highly recommend you to give keurig k45 elite a check and it will be your wisest choice ever.


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