Keurig Vue review: V500 vs V600 vs V700 vs V1200


Keurig Vue Coffee maker is now one of the fastest developed brands in the field. It comes with various models meeting demands of even the most difficult-to-satisfy users. It claims to never let your brewing process discontinued. And among outstanding products by Vue, the four most potential ones are V500, V600, V700, V1200 and it is one of the main reasons why I decide to create this Keurig Vue review.  I hope that it will be a key for you to open the world of coffee makers, you will get to know basic information around its key features and how much is the keurig vue  as well, then you will be able to pick up the best item for yourself.

Ok so now, let’s discover them in details.

Keurig Vue review

Keurig is said to be an ideal tool for you to make a fresh cup of coffee. Some of things that make these functions possible should be named as follow:


Thanks to the operation and simplicity, the share many common things with highly popular Keurig K-cup system. What you need is just to take the Vue pod, put the pod in the item, close the handle, push the button and the you will have your coffee ready in just one minute. However, that’s not all, the really awesome thing about Vue is that it’s a totally programmable coffee maker. Yeah, using Vue, you can adjust the size, strength as well as the temperature of your drinks to your desire. You can also control water temperature or set the timer to turn on the machine each morning for you, and much more.

The touchscreen designed inside this machine is extremely easy to use. It comes with three basic drink options, including coffee/tea, brew over ice and cafe drinks and you can have your desired cup of coffee just by choosing the one you want. In addition, you can adjust the temperature of your drinks, between 187 ºF and 197 ºF range (the default temperature is 192ºF). And as your pod choice, you can brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate, iced coffee/tea and the specially offered cafe beverages as well. Particularly, for coffee, you can choose your wished strength, by selecting regular/ strong option. And, one more feature which impress users is a large number of cup sizes. Yeah, according to your model, there are 7 or 8 different cup sizes for you to choose from: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 oz. Therefore, Vue pods are available in two different sizes: regular and travel mug size.

The Pods

Although the system itself is awesome and is able to give you great coffee, you should invest vue pods online. In fact, vue cups are not as easy to find at grocery stores as k-cups.

There are currently 48 pod choices for you to choose from (coffee, tea and hot chocolate).

Unlike non-recyclable k-cups, the vue cups are made of no5 plastic so they are recyclable in most areas. And, in case you want to use your own coffee, the reusable vue cup is also available. The filter matches well with all Vue models: V700, V600 and V500.

Improved Features

Some improved features of Vue compared to the former versions include:

  • It comes with touch screen of color
  • It is totally programmable
  • It introduces strength and temperature control
  • The brew sizes are various, from 8 oz to 18oz
  • It comes with removable drip tray for larger cups
  • It allows you to brew a range of drink kinds, from coffee, tea, to any specialty beverages or cafe beverages within less than one minute
  • It has removable 74 oz water reservoir with flip top lid
  • The cups are recyclable
  • Vue cups are available in various sizes so you will never have to worry about coffee diluted


Currently, there are four different Vue home-use models. They are V500, V600, V700 and V1200.  All of them use the same technology so no matter what model you choose, you don’t have to worry about your drink’s quality. With any models, you can make either hot or iced coffee, regular or strong coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. They all come with a programmable touchscreen with drink strength, temperature and size control. The removable water reservoir is designed with flip-top lid and removable & adjustable drip tray and energy saving mode (on/off).

The small difference lies in cup and reservoir size, dimensions and of course, and the price.

Let’s learn about each of them with the detailed Keurig Vue review below!

Some Remarkable Models

Keurig Vue V500


As the next generation of Keurig coffee makers, including Keurig 2.0, Keurig Vue V500 is a good looking coffee machine and is able to brew a cup of coffee within one minute.  Unlike other coffee makers, These machines make use of Vue packs rather than the K Cups, making it one of the most reliable and in the best quality. Therefore, the trade off is a reasonable choice to go with the new and improved Keurig technology, or to go with the system that everybody makes coffee and tea packs for (the ubiquitous K Cups).

Keurig Vue V600


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. has widened of its Brewing System with the invention of V600 brewer. Introducing an interactive black and white touchscreen with a lower price point, this machine quickly catches attention of coffee lover all over the world. Some of outstanding features coming with Vue V600 can be listed as follow:

  • It is a completely programmable black and white touchscreen which comes with auto on/off features, temperature and strength control, energy saver mode and size selection as well.
  • There are up to eight brew sizes for you to choose — from 4 oz. to 18 oz. travel mug
  • The 74 oz. water reservoir is removable
  • It has removable drip tray with adjustable plate, making it easy to clean
  • It allows you to brew a cup of coffee within less than one minute

Keurig Vue V700

keurig-vue-v700-reviewThis coffee maker makes uses of Keurig’s Vue Packs, and is a single cup brewing system which allows you to make a range of drinks, including coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and lattes and cappuccinos as well. The Keurig VUE brewer can only use Keurig Vue Packs, not K-Cups, which are popular to older Keurig systems. This V700 was launched after years of feedback around the their K-Cup brewing system. And in spite of thousands of complements, there are some complaints around its brew temperature, brew strengths… the producer is looking for solutions to all of these complaints, and does a very solid job on all accounts.

Keurig Vue V1200


The V1200 has been recently introduced to Vue Brewing system for commercial venues. It is designed with RFID chip technology, as a result, only Keurig Commercial or commercial Vue packs work in the brewer.

This coffee maker is supposed to be able to meet the needs of the office coffee market. The including of RFID into the Packs is to make sure that only office Vue packs can be used in the V1200, and to “tell” the brewer what type of coffee or hot beverage is being prepared.

The great Keurig Office Vue V1200 Brewing System with RFID Reader also makes uses of Vue packs exclusively. The office Vue packs are also reusable, similar to the consumer Vue packs. Until now, it has got tons of complements for its varieties of coffees, teas, and other beverages that can be made thanks to integrated RFID Vue packs.

Some key features coming with V1200 include:

  • It is designed with Custom Brew Technology, which means you can brew in your own way – strong or regular – to suit your taste.
  • You can make coffee full strength in a travel mug with Vue packs which is specially formulated to make a bigger cup with your desired strength.
  • It introduces a wider range of brewing temperature and more ways to modify your perfect cup.
  • The addition of RFID Technology is like a revolutionary new communication system which lets the pack tell the exact brewing recipe for that particular beverage to the brewer. Just by inserting the portion pack, pressing BREW, then the Vue Brewer will automatically adjust its brew process for that particular beverage.
  • New Custom Brew Technology allows customizing the brew process. You can adjust water pressure; timing and airflow, making sure that beverage will be as good as their expectation.


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Ok, above is a brief Keurig Vue review about the brand in common and  V500, V600, V700 and V1200 in particular. Are you clear about this awesome coffee maker brand? Are they really an innovation? And are you ready to make coupons to ring the best coffee maker for yourself? Personally, I find them worth investing products. They come with many improved features compared with former versions. So if you are looking for a good coffee maker, I highly recommend you to give these coffee makers a check right now!


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