How To Drink Sparkling Water With Espresso

I love espresso, as many of you do. It is a drink that is full of flavor and incredibly unique. I like to take my espresso in the traditional way, with very little extra features. I like it on its own so that I can explore the complexity of the flavors unhindered by other intruding aspects.

If you order an espresso at a cafe or coffee shot that is worth their weight, they will more likely than not serve you a sparkling water along with your espresso order. Some will even provide the water to you before they even finished making the espresso.


How do I drink sparkling water with my espresso?


The sparkling water that is offered with an espresso is used for palate cleansing. When you are served the water, you should drink it before you engage the espresso so that you can clean out lingering flavors that may be in your mouth.

If you are lucky enough to be served your sparkling water first, before the espresso is prepared, you can start to clean your palate before the drink is even done. Because espresso is best when it is as fresh as possible, it is nice to get the cleansing out of the way as soon as possible.

So when this water is offered to you, sip it to clean out your mouth in preparation for the espresso. If you are unfamiliar with the flavor or intensity of the espresso, it is wise to leave some of the sparkling water. If you leave some of the water, you can clean your palate after you drink the espresso. This can wipe out the aftertaste if you find it unpleasant.

Because of the complex and specific profile of the espresso, there is not much that pairs well with the drink. Some people may serve it with a piece of chocolate, but this is the exception. If you are eating or drinking any other foods or drinks, I would recommend using the sparkling water to rinse your palate before and after the espresso.

Why sparkling water?

You may be wondering why you would select sparkling water rather than any other drink. Sparkling water has one of the best cleaning effects without leaving too much aftertaste, but leaving you refreshed and primed for the espresso shot.

Other drinks may be too thick, or have too many other components that can coat the tongue or taint your tastebuds so that you would not be able to be properly able to appreciate the full flavor and profile of the espresso.

Standard water also has a cleansing property, but it is not quite as effective. The carbonation of the sparkling water has a refreshing aspect that leaves you more primed for the espresso than water would alone.

In other places

This principle is not unique to drinking espresso. There are lots of different food items that use a palette cleanser to prep your taste buds for new flavor profiles.

One of the most well known and widespread version of this is sushi. Sushi is a nuanced food, and every piece has a complicated and full flavor profile. Each piece of sushi has new flavors that work together, and each should be eaten unhindered by the pieces eaten before it.

They should be enjoyed on their accord and individually. This is why sushi is served with pieces of pickled ginger. Pickled ginger works the same as the sparkling water. It cleans and clears the palate so that you have no lingering flavors going into your next piece of the sushi, and it can be enjoyed for its entire full flavor.

If it’s not there

Like the pickled ginger, the sparkling water should always be served on the side of the espresso. If you happen to order an espresso from a shop, and they do not serve a sparkling water, you may be in trouble.

If they can miss such an important aspect of the espresso experience, what other details in the preparation and production of the espresso have they missed? The Espresso is a drink of nuance and bold flavor that is teased out with precision and technique. So make sure that every espresso has a sparkling water to accompany it.

And so . . .

Sparkling Water With Espresso

The sparkling water that you are given when you order an espresso is used for rinsing your palate. You want a clean palette when you drink your espresso so that you can truly experience the flavors and depth of the drink.

  • Sip the water before you drink the espresso
  • Make sure remnants of other flavors are gone before drinking the espresso.
  • Save some water to cleanse after the espresso in case it is not good
  • Don’t eat or drink anything else with the espresso

I hope you enjoyed this guide to sparkling water with espresso. Please please any comment or questions you may have.


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