How to make a cappuccino Step by Step

You’ve reached that point that all caffeine addicts hit sooner or later…you may break into violence if you don’t have a cappuccino and NOW!

But you are without equipment…or coffee! Do you call your friends and occupy a Starbucks? Probably not, since you’re still on parole for that M&M’s fight in Baskin-Robbins!

What to do? What to do?

[Whispering] Here’s a secret:  it’s possible to make rich cappuccino with a creamfoamy topping in the privacy of your own kitchen!

NO! You cry in disbelief.

Watch and learn, oh ye doubters of little faith.

With a little bicep and brain power, a handful of ingredients and a couple of tools, we can make coffee magic without the luxury of Breville or De’Longhi.

Here’s your Needs List:

Instant CoffeeThe gooder, the better, e.g. Millicano = 15% ground coffee
WaterBe kind to your kettle (and personal plumbing), use filtered
MilkThe fatter, the creamier – it’s chemistry, don’t fight it, buy whole milk
Cream, Sugar Cinnamon, Grated Chocolate/FlakeYummy enhancers
KettleRust and Calcium-free – try CLR (and rinse lots afterwards)
MicrowaveGive that a scrub!
PanTeflon is easier to clean after heating milk
WhiskTime to test those strong wrists
Decorative MugGlass looks best for Instagram


Cappuccinos are like scrambled eggs, deceptively simple, but easy to mess up in soooooo many ways, even when you have the sexy equipment. But we’re after another level of artistry.

This is Cappuccino on Survivor – OutWhisk, OutLather, Outstanding Taste!

Are you ready? Rotate those wrists and flex those taste buds – let’s get on with it!

First: Espresso Yourself

Boil your filtered water in your clean kettle and add to the instant coffee. If you have a Moka pot, use these tips for a great brew. You could use your Keurig one-cupper or beg one from friends.

B: Tolerate Lactose

You want to get half a cup (per person) of milk to the point of just below boiling. You could use the microwave on high for about a minute, but for better control use a pan on the stove on medium-high heat.

Milk is sneaky, so keep your eye on it! It will boil with sudden violence like a rabid volcano. One minute it’s a happy pond of tiny bubbles, the next it’s an upwardly mobile tsunami of scalding liquid and clingy solids (boiled milk is a pain in the bottom to clean up).

Just before it turns ugly, remove the pan from the stove and pour it into a warm bowl.

C: Foam is Where the Heart Is

Use an electric whisk to whip that milk into foam or show off your wristability with a manual whisk. There are three basic techniques with this tool:

  • Hold the handle between your palms and rub them across each other, rotating the whisk.
  • Grip it as if you’re holding a knife and stabbing downwards. Grasp the base of the handle with your index finger and thumb and then use your other fingers to beat the whisk against your palm.
  • Pretend you’re a relay runner, holding your baton upright…but it’s a whisk. Tilt the bowl slightly sideways and whisk in a circular motion.

Maintain your pace until you have a creamy layer of bubbles. Pour it into a glass.

  1. d) Spin and Rap

Swivel the glass to gather the lather. Rap the glass on the countertop to break the larger bubbles. Keep Spinning and rapping until you’re happy with the result.

D: Finish and Quaff

Swirl the glass one final time and then immediately add the milk to the espresso. Pour and shake your hand gently to force the foam out as a layer, underneath which the milk will lie.

Add your fixin’s: Whipped cream, grated chocolate (crumbled Cadbury’s Flake is bestest) or a dusting of cinnamon, use finishing touches to complete your treat.

The End: Feet Up and Enjoy

Don’t undercut your pleasure by glugging your cappuccino like it’s Perrier in the desert. And watch out you don’t get distracted by work or chores. You’ve earned a few moments of caffeine appreciation, so settle back – a good book and fluffy cat are not mandatory – and take the time to savor your creation.

The Ingredients to the Cappuccino Secret

First, think about what you need.  These are things you can easily and regularly put on your grocery list, especially when you taste the outcome.

Expresso and milk

Yes, it really is that simple.  First, make the espresso with either a Nespresso or just as cool, a Moka Pot.  Then, heat the milk on the stove or preferably in the microwave till it is hot.  We each have our own preferences but I would recommend whole milk as it tastes smoother and creamier than others.  Then stir the milk until it gets effervescently foamy.  This should just take a couple of minutes.  While some may use a spoon, using a whisk is recommended.  Lead the glass the milk is in with a waltzing swirl in order to make sure the foam is thickened and then lead it into a different dance by tapping it to rid it of any bubbles.  Do this several times and you will feel like you made it to the finale of Dancing with the Stars, especially when you taste the delicious finished product you make by pouring the milk into the espresso.  That final dance move will involve a little shaking which will lead to a crowning of delicious foamy froth on the espresso.

Fact or Fiction?  You Decide!

While some people will assume it cannot possibly taste good being made this way, you will do what many have done on the hit DWTS show and be the surprisingly good and tasteful winner!  As you get into cappuccino more and more, you may find you want to have a machine.  That’s fine.  Going this route is fun and less costly but if you are a fan of cappuccino and would love some at home without having to constantly go downtown to get some, this can lead you to making the most tasteful decision and honestly?  You might want to prepare yourself because when your friends and neighbors find out you can make such delicious cappuccino, you will become the most popular home in the neighborhood!  This could lead to morning gatherings and weekend get-together you hadn’t expected.   It may not hurt to keep a little “tip” jar on the counter because when the secret gets out that you are just as good a barista as the downtown coffee shop, well, make sure there is plenty of parking!


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